Getting Unstuck
When you find yourself unable to make progress towards a goal, it helps to know some tricks for "getting unstuck." One extremely useful trick is to find a detour around a roadblock. Let's say you want to lose weight. But every effort to change your diet results in failure. Perhaps you find yourself feeling increasingly irritable and your feelings of hunger quickly build up to the point that they can't be ignored. Then you are tempted by some appealing snack and soon weeks of effort comes unravelled. Or maybe you want to change career, but no one seems to want to hire you for your ideal job. Whatever has you stuck and unable to make progress, may need to be ... Read More
Language Predicts Stress Levels
The way that people use language predicts stress levels quite reliably, according to a 2017 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Many different stressors (traumatic stress, poverty, loneliness, being told that you have a life threatening illness) all activate a single pattern of profound changes in the function of the immune system. The changes are known as the "conserved transcriptional response to adversity" (CTRA). They involve activation of genes that increase inflammation throughout the body. Increased inflammation has been associated with depression, heart disease, ulcers, arthritis, and certain cancers. Thus knowing whether someone has activated the CTRA system is important for doctors. Until now, the only way of figuring this out involved expensive laboratory tests. Asking someone ... Read More
Exercise Prevents Depression
A study of 34,000 healthy adults followed for 11 years shows that exercise prevents depression. The authors of the study found that the dose of exercise needed to optimally prevent depression was surprisingly low. Just 15 - 20 minutes of aerobic exercise per day was effective. The study is the largest prospective study to date to show the benefits of exercise, and also the first study to carefully examine the amount of exercise needed in order to see a benefit. Other studies have suggested that the effect of exercise may be linked to a reduction in stress induced inflammation.. This study adds to the large literature showing that exercise helps to treat, or reduce, existing depression. If you are having ... Read More
Suicide Survivor Day
Suicide Survivor Day is the one day a year when people affected by suicide loss gather around the world at events in their local communities to find comfort and gain understanding as they share stories of healing and hope. Discover more about Survivor Day. UCSF and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention are hosting an important event for suicide survivors on November 17th. If you know someone who has been affected please share this information. You are not alone. Join a community of suicide loss survivors to find comfort and gain understanding through stories of healing and hope ... Read More
App for Depression in Pregnancy - Nancy
Moodsurfing has looked at smartphone apps for depression and those for bipolar disorder and a new study is available that looks specifically at a smartphone app for depression in pregnancy. Mental health in pregnancy is a topic that can raise real anxiety in people’s minds, in part because so much divergent information is readily available on the internet and from family and friends.  However, Moodsurfing has found ample evidence to support healthy pregnancies with consultation and careful planning.  While patients with bipolar disorder do have an increased risk of mood episodes in the period during and immediately after pregnancy, monitoring and contact with mental health care providers shows evidence of positive impact.  I make it a practice to visit all of ... Read More
Time Change Mood - Fall Back
This Sunday the Government will do its best to make its population more depressed.  It isn't a conspiracy, but I encourage you not to let them get away with it! Hundreds of articles have consistently shown that the best way to make someone quickly more depressed is to shift their sleep time so that they are waking up later in the day (so-called phase delaying the sleep wake cycle, because the transition occurs later).  This is exactly what the government has planned for you Sunday morning. Think about it, when we change back to standard time from daylight savings time what we are doing is phase delaying our sleep cycles.  Our bodies and brains don't care that we change the clock, they ... Read More

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